WooCommerce Upgrade (October 2022)

Modified on Thu, 15 Dec 2022 at 04:25 PM

The following steps will guide you through the account updating process.

    Part 1: Deactivate Plugin 1.0.5 in Wordpress
    Part 2: Install Plugin Version 2.0.0
    Part 3: Configure the Plugin 2.0.0 with your Upgraded eCommerce Account.

Part 1. Deactivate your WooCommerce V1.0.5 plugin in Wordpress. 

Step 1.1 - Navigate to Wordpress > Plugins > Live eftpos for WooCommerce v1.0.5 > hit 'Deactivate'

Step 1.2 - Delete the plugin Version 1.0.5

Part 2. Install Plugin 2.0.0 into Wordpress.

Step 2.1 - Download Plugin 2.0.0 in the Live Portal

Navigate to the Live Portal > eCommerce menu and download the latest plugin file (Version 2.0.0).

Step 2.1 - Navigate to Wordpress > Plugins > Add New

Step 2.2 - Click 'Upload Plugin'

Step 2.3 - Upload and Install the Zip File you just Downloaded

Step 2.4 - Activate the plugin

Note: If you encounter an issue here, it is likely because you did not DELETE plugin 1.0.5 in step 1.2 above. Please do this, and try again.

Step 2.5

Under Plugins > Installed Plugins, Live eftpos for WooCommerce will now be active.

Part 3. Configure the new Plugin V2.0.0 in Wordpress

Step 1.
Navigate back to your Live Portal > eCommerce menu. 

Step 2. Confirm Terminal ID has Correct Format.

  1. In the image below, please confirm that your terminal has the format of '47E*****'
  2. If it does not have this format (i.e. it still starts with '82x******'), please let Customer support know immediately. 

Step 3. Generate new API Key

In here, you will see that you can access your Terminal ID. 
You can also generate a new API Key. Create a new API key, and when prompted, 'copy' the code into your clipboard.

Step 4. Paste Portal API Key and Terminal ID (TID) into the Woo Payment Plugin > 'Payments' Settings

  • [IMPORTANT!] Before proceeding, clear the existing values out of the 'API Key' field in Wordpress > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > 'Live Payments for WooCommerce' > Manage > API Key
    • The behaviour of this field value is not standard. 
    • Simply highlighting the whole cell and pasting the new API key here will result in both keys being input into the field. (i.e. current api key = old api key + new api key)
    • This error will prevent you from being able to transact. 
  • After clearing the existing API key value, paste these new API key from step 2 into here.
  • Then, do the same thing for the the Terminal ID
  • Save Changes

Step 4.
You're now set up to take payments! Happy transacting.

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