Setting up surcharging for eCommerce

Modified on Tue, 21 Nov 2023 at 07:10 PM

You can easily setup surcharge by selecting WooCommerce within Settings.


Surcharging has three options:

  • None: surcharging is disabled for the selected payment method.
  • Full MSF: pass on the merchant service fee (MSF) to your customer*.
  • Custom: select a custom amount. For example, you may want to charge your customers a portion of your MSF, rather than the full amount. You can choose a custom amount from 0.01% up to the MSF.

Surcharge calculation explained

The maximum amount you can choose for the custom rate is slightly higher than the full MSF rate.

To explain this, we've included some examples below.

When you are charged an MSF, the fee is calculated on the transaction amount + the surcharge. In the examples below, we are using a $100 transaction where the merchant service fee is 1.70%.

Full MSF

For a $100 transaction, the total amount paid by your customer would be $101.73.

This is calculated by deducting the MSF (1.70%) from the Transaction + MSF amount ($101.70), not the just the Transaction amount ($100).

$100 will then be settled into your bank account with the full MSF having been passed on to your customer.


With custom surcharging you have the option to select a custom surcharge rate between 0.01% and your maximum MSF, in this example 1.72%.

The maximum surcharge rate will be anywhere from 0.01-0.03% above your full MSF depending on your MSF rate.

The maximum in this example is 1.72%. When applied to the $100 sale transaction results in a transaction amount of $101.72.

1.70% MSF is then deducted from the $101.72 total transaction amount.

$100 will then be settled into your bank account with the full MSF having been passed on to your customer.

*The MSF is the fee we charge you per transaction.

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